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May 10, 2018


After about the age of 30, our aging process starts to kick in.  Our hormones start to change, fluctuate, and decline...

May 3, 2018

Sugar Detox – how to spot hidden added Sugar

SUGAR – it seems to be in everything we eat!!! But it is not always easy to spot because it goes by many different na...

Apr 26, 2018

5 Ways to Get Healthy When You Have No Time

Have you ever told yourself, "I want to be healthier, but....I have no time, I am too busy" or any other excuse?  We ...

Apr 19, 2018

The Reverse Diet

Reverse dieting. Sounds like a joke, right? Wrong! It is one of the best nutrition tactics I’ve ever discovered. To u...

Apr 12, 2018

Training Through An Injury

By: Duke Armstrong It was a frigid Monday morning in February.  One of those days when all you want to do is stay in...

Mar 22, 2018

Benefits of changing up your workout

For most of us, we get into a routine with our workouts where we become hyper-focused on one training or weight loss ...

Mar 15, 2018

Don't Skip the Carbs

By: Caroline Ofenstein, CFL1, Pn1 & Nutrition Coach I’m sure many of you have suffered through a low carb diet (I...

Mar 1, 2018

Metabolic Cleanse | 7 Day Greens Cleanse

By Mike Elkins - NPTI, NSCA-cpt, Precision Nutrition masters certification The goal of this 7 day cleanse is to balan...

Feb 22, 2018

How Cold Therapy Can Help Your Weight Loss Goals & MORE

Cold therapy seems to be all the craze right now with cryochambers popping up all over the place. They are claiming t...

Feb 15, 2018

4 Reasons You’re Eating Clean & Not Losing Weight

Clean Eating is a buzz word thrown around a lot on social media. What does it mean? That depends on who you ask. Gene...

Feb 1, 2018

How to live an active lifestyle on a plant based diet

Brussels & Muscles By: Teresa Moore - MPH, NASM CPT As a vegan bodybuilder, marathon runner, and personal trainer...

Jan 25, 2018

10 Steps to a Healthier, Leaner & Stronger You

"Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently." We’ve all been there.  ...
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