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I haven't been using Collagen very long but noticed changes almost instantly. My hair is looking better, my nails are growing faster and my joint pain has eased. I first ordered the Sweet Vanilla but it was too sweet for me. Duke immediately sent me some of the Natural Creamer to try and I love it. I don't use creamer in my drinks so I mix it in my yogurt. I really don't even taste it although I do like the flavor. Thanks Propello Life!

Thanks Megan! So glad we were able to find a flavor you liked and a way for you to incorporate natural collagen coffee creamer into your daily routine.

Absolutely love it!

I am just starting on my health and wellness journey and my coach recommended this brand! I absolutely love adding this product to my coffee and smoothies. Their email communication is wonderful and shipment was insanely fast!

Thank you so much for your kind words and glowing review of our collagen coffee creamer - Collagen+.


A little disappointing to find container only a third full. More product or smaller container

Thank you for the five star review, and appreciate the feedback on the tub. I assure you that all 30 servings are in the CogniGreens tub. We had a packaging supply issue with our normal packaging at the time of production of our superfood greens and had to use a sightly larger tub size. Once we sell through these tubs, we will do exactly as you suggest, we will add more servings or use a smaller tub.

Great product

Supports and helps so much

Thank you Cari for your positive review of our superfood greens powder, CogniGreens. Happy you are feeling a benefit from using it daily.

Great product!

I love the taste of this Collagen! I’ve tried other brands, but this one definitely wins on taste!

Thank you Beth for sharing your experience with our natural collagen powder.

Tastes Amazing, Immediate Results

I was skeptical about the Cognigreens because it has “greens” in the name. I am not a fan of vegetables, or adding kale/fiber powder to my smoothies because you can taste the nastiness. I was afraid this was the same thing and thank you baby Jesus it is not!!! This powder tastes like lemon-lime Koolaid. It contains everything good for you and you can actually drink it without making a face or having to mask the taste. I just mix it with ice water and drink it late in the morning. I feel better, think better, focus more and have more energy when I take the Cognigreens. If you want better brain health, overall health and want to add greens to your daily routine without eating more broccoli, you should give this product a try. Propello Life products do not disappoint. This one is no different. Love, love, love the Cognigreens!!

So glad you are loving the super food CogniGreens and feeling all the benefits this greens powder offers. And nice muscles

My kids even LOVE it!

Absolutely delicious, organic goodness! I have always hated greens so was skeptical but these are delicious! My mental clarity has improved, I wake up energized. I just feel better!

This made our day to hear how your whole family loves our super food greens - CogniGreens. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about any of our other natural supplements.

Love the Dirty Chocolate

Repeat customer and love supporting Witt Alum

Thank you Brendan! We really appreciate your support of our family owned business.

Excellent product!!

I absolutely love the calm focus this product helps me to have. I highly recommend!! I have LOVED every product I have purchased from Propello Life!!

Thank you Lisa. That is such a great way to describe the mental focus and clarity from our super food greens, CogniGreens.

Try it!

This was recommended to me by a fitness guru and I’m happy I listened! I prefer the sweet version and use it in my morning oats or hot tea. Exceptional customer service and communication!

Thank you Tana, and so glad you found us. Glad to hear you are loving your natural Collagen Sweet Vanilla Creamer protein.

Easy on my stomach!

I love this product! I have tried many protein powders a nbd this is the first that doesn’t make me gasy !! So good lol

So happy to hear you found your protein powder. We actually hear this a lot from our customers because of the quality of the ingredients we use. We use the highest quality plant based proteins, natural MCT fats, and inulin fiber (from chicory root) which is great for gut health.

Best protein powder

I have been using the Whey Vanilla Protein powder for a couple of months now and it is amazing. I add a Scoop to my smooth every morning ,I also make Peanut butter protein bites with it.. I have used a lot of protein powder and love this one. Not only are there Products amazing there
customer service is fantastic.😁

So happy you love our grass fed whey protein powder. We love adding our natural protein powder to smoothies and protein bites as well!

Power Butter
Angela J

I have purchased both flavors to vanilla and the chocolate and I can honestly say I don’t know which is my favorite. Both are delicious. This peanut butter on toast or rice cake has been my go to treat. My kids love it too.!

Angela - thank you so much for the great review of our protein peanut butter. It was so fun to collaborate with a local manufacturer to add our Vegan Protein to natural peanut butter.

Best protein powder ive had!

I drink two shakes a day and have tried many other brands. None were as good as this. Its all i buy now!

Thank you Stevi! So glad you are loving our grass fed whey protein powder.


I use the whey protein as a post workout protein boost. The vanilla bean flavor tastes great and I feel good using grass-fed non-GMO whey protein. I recommend this product.

So glad you are loving our grass fed whey protein.

tastes great!

Best tasting green powder I've tried! I actually look forward to drinking CogniGreens! This is an easy, healthy addition to my morning routine!

So happy to hear you are loving our super food greens, Kristen!!! And thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your experience.

EAsy Health!

I love healthy products...ones that offer great assistance our bodies need. BUT, they have to taste good or otherwise its a waste of money. I know I need more greens in my life! I was thrilled when I found Propello!! The greens taste good and that is a HUGE win!! I hate anything artificial but I don't have to worry about that with Propello...only clean ingredients. THANK YOU Propello for creating this fantastic product...everyone needs this!!

So glad you are loving the CogniGreens product. These superfood greens with adaptogens for mental focus are a fan favorite over here at Propello Life.


I normally dislike all green drinks, but this one is different! It literally quenches my thirst and I look forward to my green drink daily. And the health benefits!! Definitely try!!

Thank you Deb!!! So glad you are loving our superfood greens product CogniGreens. Cheers!

Did not disappoint

I had been eyeing similar drinks from competitor brands for some time and the feedback I’d always received from friends who tried them was pretty much the same: Love the product if you could get past the taste…

I decided to give it a go with Propello’s version and I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I feel amazing within half hour of trying CogniGreens but the refreshing flavor was something I actually started to crave.

This makes us so happy to hear! We took over 3 years to develop this superfoods greens so that it was the absolute best product on the market and the best tasting greens drink. With its superfood greens, immunity boosting ingredients, trace minerals, and adaptogens, you will be giving your body and mind everything it needs to be at its best!

Real deal

As a healthcare provider working in a busy emergency department, constantly under stress and always having our immune system taxed. I have noticed at the end of the day I do not feel as fatigued (mentally and physically), and have an overall sense of wellness, since have added a scoop of CogniGreens to my daily regimen. Yet again Todd and Duke have produced a superb supplement. “Live for it!”

Thank you Bill for all the work you do day in and day out, and so happy we can be a part of fueling you and keeping you going strong with our natural superfood greens

The real deal

At first I was a little apprehensive to try these all natural supplements since finding something that tastes good, is effective and is all natural is virtually impossible to find, but I can honestly say you guys nailed it. I took the energy and focus before my game and felt more locked in than I’ve ever been and took the rejuvenating aminos after and woke up the next day feeling less sore than I have in the previous weeks! The flavors all taste really good and not leafy or green like I thought they would even the CogniGreens tasted like lemon-lime as advertised! I’ve been recommending Propello Sups to a lot of my teammates and will definitely be coming back and buying again!

So happy you loved so many of the the products Brysen. Natural supplements are not easy to flavor! And great to hear they helped your performance in your football game and that you were less sore afterwards.

In love

its results are excellent, they are noticeable from the first dose and it is very easy to use, it does not generate a bad taste when taking it, I am fascinated with this collagen

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our natural collagen protein powder. We are so happy you are loving the skin benefits you are seeing.

Great product

I put a scoop in my coffee instead of sweetener. It tastes great, and I have noticed my nails are a lot stronger

Hi Lauren - we are so happy your are noticing stronger nails since using our collagen protein powder. Thank you for sharing your experience!

The Perfect Pre-Workout

I have been using Pre-Workout from Propello for about three years now and it is definitely the best product that I have used for this purpose. I've used a number of other pre-workouts over the years, but Propello's Pre-Workout has the best and healthiest ingredients; they're good for health and they give the correct amount of aid for working out.
I've been a trainer for almost 23 years and I recommend Pre-Workout to all my clients.

Thanks John! So glad you are enjoying the benefits of our pre workout formula. And thank you so much for recommending it to your clients!

Best protein

This protein tastes amazing and I love the ingredients. Everyday I throw it in a blender with a frozen banana, almond milk, and their vanilla creamer collagen, and it satisfies my sweet tooth in the healthiest way. LOVE this company and their products.

Hi Adrienne! Thank you so much for your kind words about our grass fed whey protein and collagen protein powder. We love that healthy smoothie too!

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