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Our local favorite things!

Our local favorite things!

As I have gotten older, my perspective has really shifted.  Call it life experiences, changing tastes, or what have you, but my love of Columbus, OH and everything it has to offer has only grown.  All through my 20’s I dreamed of moving to the mountains or ocean, but age has given me a different perspective.  I love traveling to those areas, but I absolutely love calling Columbus Home. It has all the culture and experiences of some of the biggest cities without the traffic, crime, or dirt.  The restaurant scene just keeps getting better and better, and there are some pretty amazing small businesses around here as well. 

As a small, local business owner my appreciation for other entrepreneurs and what they go through has grown.  I now find myself seeking out great local products and services.  One, the products are typically better than what you find at a national chain store. Two, you have the opportunity to create a relationship with the owners. And three, you get to directly impact the life of the family behind the business; not line the pockets of the top 0.1%.  Part of the legacy I want to leave on this earth is that I made a positive impact – a positive impact to the body, mind, and spirit of the people I meet.  My company Propello Life was created with this mission, and my actions support it.

Here is a list of local business we have come across and love.  Check them out – we are sure you will love them too!


KFT Brands is an activewear brand that  "works as hard as you do!"  If you are into working hard to improve yourself, then check them out. Our favorites are their Jet Set Tank (the cool new Propello tank you've seen around), On The Go Men's Shorts, and Peerless Leggings!



Cliff Original is an all natural, hand made healthier grooming product company focused on men.  They have the neatest packaging too!  We love their Wash Brick, Beard Balm, and Daily Face products!



Palish is created, owned and hand made by a real human in Ohio!  Their products are all natural (no chemicals) and free of preservatives.  They promote an active lifestyle and healthy skin.  They have kind of an outdoorsy feel, which we love, and the owner is super nice.  We love their dry shampoo and body oil!


The Powell Village Winery, located just off of Powell Road, has the cutest little wine shop.  Their wines are delicious, they are made locally, they have yummy snacks to go with the wine, you can create your own label to put on wine bottles, and the owner is one of the most rocking people you will ever meet.  Check them out for happy hour, or for a Friday night in the summer when they have bands playing!


101 Beer Kitchen provides a seasonal, hand crafted selection of rustic food and craft beer.  They are super kid friendly and we love to relax with their amazing comfort foods (or salads) and craft beer!  We don't go out to eat much, but if we go out, this is pretty much the only place we go!



Espresso 22 is one of our favorite local coffee shops.  They have a drive thru, but we love to go in to hang out and have meetings with other small business owners.  


Located in the Short North and downtown Columbus, Native Cold Pressed has some incredible juices.  We love to pop in when we are in the downtown area!



Somehow we get tricked into taking our kids here for ice cream once a week.  They also have delicious coffee for early mornings, and they even sell super-huge donuts from Der Dutchman on the weekends.  And the best part is... they have a drive thru, which is totally amazing as parents.  It is one of our favorite places to treat ourselves!

We know this is just a short list of some of our favorite things, but hope you get to enjoy them as well!  We have a whole list of our favorite gyms and trainers we want to share with you next!

What are some of your favorite local companies?!  Best places to eat?!  Leave a comment and let us know so we can enjoy them too! 


Live For It.


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