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6 ways to recover from the holidays, Propello Life, holistic lifestyle, natural supplements


Are you ready to be done with the holidays?

It was an amazing time of year with all of the holiday spirit, great food, gatherings with friends, family and so much more, BUT after awhile too much of a good thing can become bad and the longer we allow it to linger, the harder it becomes to get back on track!

The thing most people have a tough time with is not knowing what to do to get back on track. If your house is anything like mine, there is a seemingly endless number of goodies still laying around the house and a sluggishness lingering until life settles back to a normal flow (kids back to school, work meetings resume). It’s no wonder we struggle to quickly get back to healthy habits and the successful routines that keep us organized all year!  We are truly trying to recover from a “holiday hangover."

Here are a few strategies you can use to clean up your home and start the new year off with a clean slate:


After you’ve had a healthy meal and you are feeling full and pleasantly satisfied, grab a garbage bag and proceed to make your way around the house with a pair of head phones on (so you can’t hear the shrill cries of fear and sadness from children and spouses) and gather up every piece of candy, cake, sweets or ice cream that is left over from the holidays, throw it in the bag, and put it in the bin outside.


After you’ve trashed (or donated to someone outside of your house) all the sweets and food gifts you received, IF there happens to be anything super special (like Aunt Sue’s special Swiss chocolate bar) that you have to keep for sentimental reasons then create a “sweet treats” box and pack it away in the pantry or another similar place on the very bottom shelf where it’s a real pain in the ass to get. By doing this you will likely A.) forget about it and/or B.) decide it’s too much work to get when you actually want it.


When all else fails and you can’t bring yourself to throw any of it away here is a last ditch effort that will at least provide some entertainment. Gather all of the remaining treats and put them in a pile in the center of the dinner table. Give everyone a place at the table with plates, silverware, napkins and/or milk and set a timer and go to town eating it. Anything you collectively can’t eat as a group in let’s say 30 minutes MUST be trashed. By taking this approach you can have fun with the family and clear the house out with one final bang. Note - this is an extreme approach and is not something to be done more than once a year!


Now that the house is cleaned up and those last little sweets are out of the way, plan your workouts for the rest of the month. Sign up for classes, schedule your privates training sessions with your personal trainer, sign up for your favorite league and get out those exercise shoes! Plan to workout with a partner or schedule an appointment with someone who will be waiting for you. Research shows if you know someone is waiting on you, you are much more likely to attend. Set yourself up for success by being accountable to someone other than you!


A clean pantry or fridge has plenty of room for fresh, whole food so make sure to hit the grocery store. Do all your shopping for the week by planning your meals in advance, and on a full stomach. Shopping hungry leads to impulse purchases! Aim to fill your cart with as many fresh veggies, fresh fruits, complex carbs, and lean proteins as you need for the week. Try to limit the amount of packages, boxes, and processed foods as much as possible. For the most success, pick one day to get everything in order and get organized.


There are more and more studies being done about the health benefits of proper sleep and the negative health impacts of not getting enough restful sleep. Each person is unique in how much sleep they need, but the rule of thumb is to get around 7-8 hours per night for adults and 9-13 hours for children ages 3-18! There are even studies that show even one night of poor sleep can lower self control, impair decision making and increase cravings for sweets and treats. So, in-order for you to operate at your highest level, achieve our health goals, and be healthier overall, make sure to prioritize your sleep.

Whatever your plans are for the new year, if you follow these 6 key strategies you will be headed in the right direction! Remember, the key is progress; not perfection. Cheers to you and a healthy, happy 2019! 

This article was written by Alex White, Head Performance Coach and CEO of Peak Human Performance; a Performance Training Facility in Dublin, Ohio aimed at increasing the health and well being of active families everywhere.

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