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Dec 7, 2022

Healthy Holiday Tips

It’s that time of year again! This is my favorite time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and whatever other holidays ...

Sep 20, 2022

Can you burn fat and build muscle at the same time?

Someone recently posed this question to me, and it provided me with a challenge to take a deeper dive into the answer...

Sep 16, 2022

5 ways to boost your testosterone naturally

By: Drew Peters, MS, CSCs & Duke Armstrong, Co-founder & CEO of Propello Life Do you, or someone you love, ...

Aug 25, 2022

Five reasons you're struggling to eat clean

By: Britt Maughan, RD, CPT, CPPC The term clean eating can mean a lot of different things. For most, it means eating ...

Aug 9, 2022

Why CogniGreens is the best superfood greens

By: Drew Peters, MA, CSCS You always hear about how important it is to eat adequate amounts of leafy green vegetables...

May 16, 2022

Natural ways to increase your metabolism

Common knowledge has always been that your metabolism decreases with age. But new scientific study’s published on Sci...

Mar 29, 2022

Understanding Protein 101

By: Kate Cline Protein is an often misunderstood component of food.  When you think of protein, what comes to mind?  ...

Mar 16, 2022

How Do I Burn Fat and Keep It Off?

That promising “fat-burning” workout, drink or special diet is kind of BS.⁣ Don't get me wrong, these "systems" can b...

Nov 16, 2021

How much coffee is too much?

We love a tasty latte on our way to work. We love an iced cold brew out on the patio in the summer. Heck - I love my ...

Nov 4, 2021

Should Athletes Take Collagen?

By Kate Cline Collagen supplements have been making a lot of headlines in the past few years – with the benefits for ...

Oct 19, 2021

Is foam rolling a waste of time?

Written by: Corey Southers If you are in the functional fitness world, then chances are you have spent countless hour...

Sep 30, 2021

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Fitness and Health Journey (And How to Do Them!)

Written by: Ricky Locci I’m not going to lie. Getting started is the hardest part. You’ve probably tried a million th...
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