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The best protein bar recipe! Propello Life's peanut butter and dark chocolate protein bars taste amazing and use grass-fed whey protein

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Protein Bars

We felt like switching it up a little today, so we decided to try a twist on our classic Buckeye Bites recipe. We used the same ingredients but made them into bars instead of bites!

And the result - the best homemade protein bars we have ever tasted. Plus, they use our natural protein supplement - Propello Life's grass fed Whey Protein. 

They take about 15 minutes to make, and are ready to eat in about 1 hour. But be careful... you might have to make two batches at a time because they are going to go quickly!!!

Here is the recipe we created. 



In a food processor, blend all the ingredients (except dark chocolate and coconut oil) until it sticks together. You might need to add more coconut milk, but add a little at a time until the mixture comes together in the food processor. Line a 8" x 8" glass pan with parchment paper for easy removal of the bars. Take peanut butter mixture out of the food processor and use a spatula to flatten in pan.

Create a double boiler to melt the dark chocolate (place a small pot with water on the stove, with a glass bowl on top). Pour the 1/4 of the bag of dark chocolate into the glass bowl over the pot with the boiling water and add coconut oil.  As the dark chocolate and coconut oil starts to melt, stir. Once completely melted, pick up the glass bowl using oven mitts and pour the melted dark chocolate on the peanut butter mixture. Add freshly ground Himalayan Pink Salt for added taste and look. Place the 8"x8" pan into refrigerator to harden dark chocolate. 

Cool for about 30 minutes, cut into 16 squares, and serve!  

Macros (Nutrition Facts - per serving)

  • Calories: 134
  • Carbs: 12.8 grams
  • Fat: 7.4 grams
  • Protein: 5.6 grams



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