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Whey Protein (Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free)

Propello Life

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Our certified grass-fed whey protein is sure to delight with its 20 grams of delicious, easy-on-the-stomach protein. Plus, it's free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and flavors - making it ideal to enjoy after a workout or as a protein-packed addition to your favorite smoothie.

Propello Life sources only the best grass fed whey protein concentrate from grass fed cows roaming the fields of New Zealand. We chose New Zealand because of their strict regulations that ensure the quality of the protein powders we purchase is the absolute best in the world, and because of how the cows are treated. 

We know you have many choices when it comes to whey protein powders and whey protein supplements. We also know it can be very confusing knowing which type is best - from the cheap brand at the value grocery store to the type of protein used (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, etc...). 

When it comes to your health, even the small details matter. That is why we only provide the best grass-fed whey protein powder - so you can rest assured that every time your pick up Propello Life's Whey Protein you know you are getting the best!
✔️Vanilla Bean - NEW SIZE (25 servings)
✔️West Indies Chocolate (17 servings)

✔️Recovery - kick starts the recovery process by providing muscles the protein required to recover faster
✔️ Essential Amino Acids - provides muscles the 9 essential amino acids
✔️ Leaner Body - diets higher in protein support a lean body
✔️ Helps increase your daily protein consumption

✔️ Mix in 6-8 ounces of water or to your taste and thickness preference
✔️ Use within 30 minutes of the end of your workout (this will jump start the recovery process)
✔️ Blend with whole fruits and vegetables as a breakfast smoothie or mid-day snack

✔️ 20-21 grams of Grass Fed & Grass Finished Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
✔️ Hormone Free: rBGH/rBST free
✔️ Antibiotic free
✔️ Cold processed (undenatured) – this is the least processing method available – overheating and over processing strips the nutritional value of protein
✔️ Yummy goodness

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 87 reviews
    Whey protein

    I’m someone who usually has stomach issues when drinking protein shakes, so far no issues at all with this protein!! And it taste great!!!

    So glad the cold processed and undenatured grass fed whey protein is easy on your stomach!!!

    Theresa DeJoie
    Best protein powder

    I have been using the Whey Vanilla Protein powder for a couple of months now and it is amazing. I add a Scoop to my smooth every morning ,I also make Peanut butter protein bites with it.. I have used a lot of protein powder and love this one. Not only are there Products amazing there
    customer service is fantastic.😁

    So happy you love our grass fed whey protein powder. We love adding our natural protein powder to smoothies and protein bites as well!

    Stevi Key
    Best protein powder ive had!

    I drink two shakes a day and have tried many other brands. None were as good as this. Its all i buy now!

    Thank you Stevi! So glad you are loving our grass fed whey protein powder.


    I use the whey protein as a post workout protein boost. The vanilla bean flavor tastes great and I feel good using grass-fed non-GMO whey protein. I recommend this product.

    So glad you are loving our grass fed whey protein.

    Adrienne Szoly
    Best protein

    This protein tastes amazing and I love the ingredients. Everyday I throw it in a blender with a frozen banana, almond milk, and their vanilla creamer collagen, and it satisfies my sweet tooth in the healthiest way. LOVE this company and their products.

    Hi Adrienne! Thank you so much for your kind words about our grass fed whey protein and collagen protein powder. We love that healthy smoothie too!

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