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Propello Life blog post about a mom's story about how Thyroid cancer changer her life.

A mom's story about how Thyroid cancer changed her life

“When something bad happens you have three choices.  You can let it define you, you can let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” – Dr. Seuss

the moment i learned i had thyroid cancer

Healthy and active. Those two words are what my friends would use to describe me. So you can understand the shock I felt when my husband and I were sitting in my doctor’s office listening to him tell us that I have Thyroid Cancer.

That moment took place over three years ago. I can honestly remember it like it was yesterday. Shock, anger, and sadness hit me like a brick wall. All of those emotions hit me because I just kept thinking about my husband and my two boys.  I will forever be thankful for my husband, Jeff, taking my hand after that appointment and driving us straight to our favorite restaurant for a glass of wine.  We decided immediately that we would get through this. And you know what? We did.

beating thyroid cancer changed my life for the better

Hearing those words changed my life. I had spent so much of my time worrying about being active and eating well so I could look a certain way that I missed what was really important - my health. From that moment forward, I have viewed exercise and nutrition a different way. I started reading and learning about the foods I fed my family and myself. And exercise became more than just a means to be lean and strong, it became a way for me to help prevent further disease.

exercise became more about health than looks

Movement is medicine – I firmly believe this! So, every day I take time for myself to move. There are so many benefits to moving for the mind, body, and soul. Since I am a teacher and a mom of two little boys, finding that time can be difficult. For me, that time is at 5 am. During my hour and half of “me time,” I lift, sprint, and get my heart pumping. I love this part of my day. I love that I know I am doing something for myself, but I also love that I am setting an example of an active life for my boys. They know mommy exercises in the morning and they always ask me about my workouts. There is nothing better than those summer months when they come outside and join me when I do my sprints. Not only do they see me moving, but they see their daddy moving too. Jeff and I have made it a priority to give each other that time during the day. Though, I think he is glad I take the 5 am workout shift! :)

cooking at home became a family event that has brought us closer

Exercise is not the only thing we need to make time for to take care of ourselves.  Nutrition is just as important. Life is busy and it can be difficult to cook a healthy meal after waking up at 4:30 am, working all day, and then coming home to a family that needs to eat. Take-out may be easy, but long-term you and your family will pay for it. So, I made it a goal to always find time to cook for my family. It might take a little more time, but I know what they will be eating is always better than some cheap processed meal. And you know what? The last three years I have realized how much I love to cook! The time spent cooking is so worth it because my boys love to be in the kitchen with me and help me. Whenever I take out the spiralizer to make zoodles (zucchini noodles), one of them always wants to help. This could not make me happier (especially during the summer months when they go outside and pick the zucchini from our own garden). It takes a huge commitment to always cook but I always say, “fail to plan then plan to fail.” We deserve to eat the best, and I will always make that time for my family and I.

cancer has taught me that every day is a blessing and health starts on the inside

Having Thyroid Cancer has changed my perspective on being active and healthy and I am thankful every day that the process to remove my Thyroid Cancer was quick. I am lucky that I got the “good cancer.” I believe my future is in my hands and having a husband that supports and engages in this lifestyle makes it even more fun. We are setting our family up to live an active and healthy lifestyle. And not just for the results on the outside, but, more importantly, for the results on the inside.

by: Abby Osborn


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