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What Was Your Moment?

What Was Your Moment?

The hero's journey begins with a single step

Every health journey starts with a trigger - a single clarifying moment in your life when you make the decision, and the commitment, to persevere past all the obstacles keeping you from reaching your goal.

Because there will be obstacles. LOTS OF OBSTACLES! 

For some, the trigger could be a health scare.  A desire to complete a marathon with a fit friend.  Or even realizing that eating a certain food makes you feel bad. 

That moment for me was while sitting in a cubicle.  At that moment, it felt like I was looking at my life from the outside in.  I realized I was blindly moving through my entire life under false pretenses.

To be the person I wanted to be I was living wrong:

  • the way I ate was wrong!
  • the way I exercised was wrong!
  • the way I was working was wrong!

And this negatively affected my health, my fitness, my stress, my mood, my family, my income - MY ENTIRE LIFE!

New habits slowly turned into a New Lifestyle

At that moment, I made a personal declaration to change.

If you know me personally, then you know that once I make a decision I go ALL IN. 

I began researching what a truly healthy diet was.  Not "diet" as in a fad diet, but diet as in a way of eating for life. 

I talked with my doctor about what kinds of vitamins and minerals I should be taking as supplements to help me feel better as a person. 

I dedicated a lot of time and money looking for a great personal trainer to help me reach my goals through working out. 

My wife and I took daily walks around a park downtown discussing business goals and how we would reach them.  Day by day, step by step. 

I knew it was going to be a long and hard journey, and it has been!

But I am so grateful for all the changes I have made, and the results have been amazing.

It took me years, but I have never been healthier, more positive, and felt as good as I do today. At the age of 38, I can honestly tell you I am the strongest and leanest I have ever been, my energy levels are through the roof, and I am the happiest of my life!

And this isn't just because I made improvements to my exercise and nutrition.  It is because I have made upgrades to my entire life - how I eat, how I exercise, how I deal with stress, and how I sleep to name just a few. It is about balance!

The changes came slowly.

Small victories built on each other until the momentum was unstoppable.

New habits that were once difficult became my new normal; they became my new lifestyle. 

Now I can't imagine ever going back to my old way of living. What a powerful feeling!

Your journey is uniquely yours

Everyone's "moment" is unique, and equally important.  It is why you do what you do.

Some moments are big milestones, or a life-changing event.  Some moments are a series of other moments that add up to a defining one.

Todd's moment is very different than mine, as is my wife's, as is everyone else's. 

But everyone can start in the same way...with a single step.

The reason Propello Life was Founded

We founded Propello Life to support people on their journey to a healthier, happier life. 

We believe in motivated, whole lives based on the principals of balance.

This is why we chose the name Propello Life. It stands for "motivated life" and our slogan is "LIVE FOR IT." 

We chose these for a reason. We want to help you live a motivated life and to guide you on your journey. 

But your journey begins with a single clarifying moment; your moment of declaration. You are the leader of your journey and the only one that can decide to move forward.

And we are here to support you!!!






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