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What Was Your Moment?

Every health journey starts with a trigger - a single clarifying moment in your life when you make the decision, and the commitment, to persevere past the obstacles. Because there will be obstacles. LOTS OF OBSTACLES!  That moment for me was while sitting in a cubicle.  At that moment, I realized I was blindly moving through life under false pretenses. The way I ate was wrong, the way I exercised was wrong, the way I was working was wrong, and this negatively affected my health, my fitness, my stress, my mood, my family, my income, my ENTIRE LIFE!

At that moment, I made a personal declaration to change. I knew it was going to be a long and hard journey, and it has been. But I am so glad I did. The results have been amazing. I have never been healthier, more positive, and felt as good as I do today. The changes came slowly, but they built on each other until the momentum was unstoppable. Now I can't imagine ever going back or how I lived the way I did before. What a feeling!

Everyone's "moment" is unique, and equally important.  It is why you do what you do. Some moments are big milestones, or a life-changing event.  Some moments are a series of other moments that add up to a defining one. Todd's moment is very different than mine, as is my wife's, as is everyone else's.

This is the reason I founded Propello Life and why I chose this name. Propello Life stands for "motivated life" and our slogan is "LIVE FOR IT."  We chose these for a reason. We want to help you live a motivated life and to guide you on your journey.  But your journey begins with a single clarifying moment; your moment of declaration. You are the leader of your journey and the only one that can decide to move forward.


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