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Finding My Motivation when it was Lost

“Ugh, I fell off the bandwagon AGAIN!” 

“I just can’t stick to anything” 

I remember having these thoughts my sophomore year of college. I remember being in that cycle.

The cycle of wanting to get healthy but not being able to stick to anything.

It was a cycle of talking down on myself and thinking there was something wrong with me for not being disciplined enough. 

Staying Active & Fit Became Difficult When I Lost The Structure of Team Sports

After playing sports my whole life and ending my competitive running career after high school my freshman year of college shocked my body.

I gained 20 lbs.

I didn’t feel or look my best, and I wanted a change.

So I started going to the gym doing random things for around an hour. I would go every day for two weeks then nothing for a month. Back and forth, back and forth.

I felt stuck in a cycle. 

Isn’t that how some of us feel right now being stuck at home?

Stuck in a cycle? Not feeling motivated? And feeling like we just can’t stick with it? 

This is what changed for me. 

Everything Changed When I Found My Passion For Fitness

I took my first spin class on a whim.

My sorority had been gifted 6 free classes at a studio. I went into that dark room with the music blasting & forgot all about anything but that moment.

I sweat.

I lost my breath.

My heartbeat like crazy.

And I’ll admit it I CRIED.

I walked out of that spin class thinking, “I want to do that all the time.”

We had to use our 6 classes in the next two weekends so I went back to back to back days even when I was sore because I LOVED it. 

That is what changed.

I found a way to move my body that was no longer a chore but something I looked forward to. I started going all the time.

I would even wake up at 5 am (and I am NOT a morning person) when I had days that I wouldn’t be able to make it to another class.

All of sudden it wasn’t about losing weight but about the mental clarity and how good I would feel after class.

I felt accomplished & I felt strong. I eventually became a spin instructor myself but that is a story for another time!

Find What Excites You, Find Your Escape, And You will Find Your Motivation!  

While I am not naive to the fact it is much harder to move without the gym in these crazy times, there is an opportunity to find what gets you moving.

If you are feeling unmotivated, step out of your comfort zone in the types of workouts you do. Try running, boxing, Pilates, walking, biking, dance cardio.

Just find something that gets you excited to workout!

When you are excited to move your body and get out of bed I know it will make not only your workouts better, but also your motivation to work from home, your family relationships, and so much more.

When you fill your cup first you can show up better in every other area of life. 

So what is your spin class?

What is going to make you excited to get up, move your body & be your best self today?

Don’t know yet? Well, take this opportunity to find out!


About the Author

Lydia Meacham-Edwards - Certified Personal Trainer & Propello Life Ambassador
Cbus -> SoCal
Instagram: @Irefitness
Youtube: LRE Fitness



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