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Propello Life blog Why CogniGreens is the best superfood greens

Why CogniGreens is the best superfood greens

By: Drew Peters, MA, CSCS

You always hear about how important it is to eat adequate amounts of leafy green vegetables and  superfoods, but let’s be honest – many times we fall short in getting them into our daily diet. Whether it be lack of time or lack of palate to consume them through whole foods, the fact of the matter is we could all be more consistent with this matter. That’s where over the years, powdered greens products have come into popularity. While these help, the problem is that often they are just thrown together with the buzzwords that sell products and it ends there.

CogniGreens rises above where other greens stop

Propello Life doesn't just launch products because they are trendy. We launch revolutionary, novel natural supplements that work and you can trust. We wanted to make a natural greens product that not only helps provide the key nutrients, minerals, and trace minerals that leafy greens provide, but to go beyond and support your everyday health and vitality – to create a novel product that not only helps you be healthier, but FEEL healthier too, and that is why we created CogniGreens.

CogniGreens contains organic superfood greens, trace minerals, adaptogens, and immune boosting ingredients

CogniGreens is formulated using premium, organic green superfoods and high potency adaptogens, and fortified with organic ocean-based minerals from the novel ingredient Aquamin®. CogniGreens is a complete and high-quality way to get in those servings of greens and to thrive. While some of the other top tier greens products out there may also feature premium, organic greens - that is where it ends…but not with CogniGreens.

As the name implies, this formula is also designed to support your daily and long-term cognition (brain function) in a formulation where old-school meets new school with the inclusion of the tried and true bacopa which has been used for centuries to support cognition and memory and fused it with the revolutionary ashwagandha from, NooGandha®. This form of ashwagandha, an adaptogen used for centuries, has been shown to not only support healthy stress mitigation, but also increase mental focus.

CogniGreens supports stress relief, memory & focus, immunity, and overall vitality

Finally, while these key minerals and superfoods do help support your overall health and immune system, we went a step further and included BGF Immune®, a beta glucan that has been shown to help support the body’s own immune response and support your overall health maintenance.

As you can see, we left no stone unturned in our creation of the new Propello Life CogniGreens. We know you’ll love the product, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy using it as much as we did creating it.

Save 30% on your first purchase of CogniGreens and take your health and vitality to the next level!

Use discount code: COGNIGREENS

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Propello Life CogniGreens is the best superfood greens powder

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