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propello life blog The most underrated way to get your dream body

The most underrated way to get your dream body

by: Catarina Orr

People ask all the time how to get the body of their dreams. 

This might sound crazy, or maybe you’ve dabbled with it before and it just was something you never really stuck with. Maybe because you didn’t really know what you were doing, or how it would benefit you.

I am here to tell you this will WORK FOR YOU if you are 15 or 74 years old, man or women, entrepreneur or corporate America worker…

I think you're getting the point that is this is for EVERYONE, and more importantly, EVERYONE should be doing this!

What is the most underrated way to get your dream body? The answer is...


“If you want to change how you look and shape your body, nothing will do that like resistance training.” - Sal Di Stefano (a host of a top fitness podcast show, Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth)

yes you can lose weight and gain lean muscle at the same time

Ways that lifting weights creates your dream bod

  1. Builds your muscle
    1. Boosts your metabolism: the more muscle (lean tissue) you have, the more calories your burn
    2. Toned athletic look: by improving your body composition (aka visible muscle) you will get the curves, arms, and legs you always dreamed of having
  2. Cardiovascular improvement
    1. Lowers cholesterol (the bad cholesterol HDL)
    2. Improves insulin sensitivity: meaning your body will better process carbs as energy rather than storing it as fat
  3. Improves joints and reduces joint pain
    1. Reduces injury by strengthening the integrity of joint structure (this is important for everyone, especially athletes)
    2. Important as we age & after menopause
    3. Especially important for reducing risk of injury related to falls for elderly
  4. Improves hormone balance
    1. Reduces stress hormones for optimizing health
    2. Improved female sex hormones 
      1. Helpful for fertility, post-menopause, PCOS, estrogen dominance, thyroid dysfunction, or post-birth control 
    3. Improved male hormones: naturally boosts testosterone for lean muscle mass, sex
    4. Good for woman: improving menses, and lean muscle as well
  5. Improved mood
    1. Lifting weights, and exercise in general, lifts your mood and releases feel good hormones
  6. Regulates better sleep
    1. Improved sleep helps you recover better from your workout, be more productive throughout the day, and lowers stress
  7. Bumps up your energy and the vibes you give off
    1. Boost in confidence means you're walking into the room standing up a little taller and not letting anyone walk all over you
  8. Reduces risk of cancer
    1. Lifting weights helps with overall health - more lean tissue, less body fat, better sleep, improved cardiovascular system, lower stress, better energy, optimized hormones, etc... These health improvements are all linked to lowering your chances of cancer and other diseases. 
  9. Improve your sport performance, or hit new PRs
    1. Balance improvement
    2. More power & strength
    3. Building muscle helps all athletes: power athletes, endurance athletes, marathoners, etc (strength training up to 30 minutes a week has been shown to improve running endurance by improving balance)
  10. Better Sex
    1. Who didn’t know this was coming with the improved mood, confidence, and balanced hormones?
    2. Low libido? Try incorporating lifting weights into your training routine.
  11. Quality of Life improves
    1. It goes without saying if you feel better, perform better, give yourself more R&R, and have more energy for playing with kids and making memories….your life will dramatically improve...along with your physique.

Final Thoughts

I hope you realize that your dream body, is more than what your physique looks like. It is an improved emotional, internal, and external version of you. It’s who and what you are. It is what you are able to do with the body you have.

You show up better for yourself - that's your dream body

You have leadership and confidence to make yourself the CEO of your life - that’s your dream body

You take trips to go hiking and backpacking because you can move your body without pain or feeling out of shape - that’s your dream body

You love your special someone a little more because you have improved mood and sex life - that’s your dream body

You can start a family because your hormones are optimized - that’s your dream body

You can sleep well at night knowing you are doing the best you can each day, and are able to wake up the next morning and live another day to the fullest - that’s your dream body

What's stopping you? 

About the Author:

Catarina Orr - Online Fitness Coach for Catty Lee Fitness - "helping women to be fit and fueled with food"

Follow me on IG: @catty_lee and reach me via DM or email 

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