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Is Intuitive Eating Right For Me?

There is so much confusion around food, diets, macros, etc... that it can make your head spin.  Fat was bad for you in the 90's, carbs should be avoided at all cost, and now there are healthy fats you just have to eat.

So what is true? 
How should we eat?
And is there a diet out there that works?

When it comes down to it, fad diets come and go. And right now everyone is talking about intermittent fasting, Keto, Paleo, tracking macros and calories, and more.  

Do any of these "diets" work?

We believe there isn't a black and white answer to this question because everybody and every body is different. 

What we can say, is that many of these diets should be considered tools in your tool belt for managing your health through your nutrition.

Did you notice how we used the word "nutrition" and not "diet?"

Over my years learning about nutrition, observing others, and using my own body as a guinea pig for most of the fad diets out there, I can tell you that most people know very little about nutrition, fad diets can provide short term results, but are not typically sustainable over time, and rigid eating plans don't work for the normal person living a typically lifestyle. 

Throw on top of this the emotional and psychological baggage we place on food, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Hence, the reason obesity is on such a rise.

We believe at Propello Life that changing the way we view food is the solution. Tracking macros, adding up your calories, knowing which foods are good for your own body, those are all tools you need to learn along the way to really figure out what healthy eating is for your body.  No one can keep up with My Fitness Pal forever.  Therefore, the goal is to learn how to Intuitively Eat.


Intuitive eating is a way of eating where you listen to your body's hunger signals to make healthy eating choices.

Unlike traditional diets, it does not impose guidelines, rules, and restrictions.  It is about finding balance with your nutrition.  

Benefits of Intuitive Eating

  • Lower BMI
  • Don't have to track calories or macros!
  • Healthier relationship with food
  • Broader and deeper understanding of what food is and what it does for you
  • Lower occurrence of eating disorders
  • Improved self-esteem, body image, and overall quality of life while experiencing less depression and anxiety
But we believe that to learn to intuitively eat, you must first learn what food is, what food isn't, how much you need, when you need it, how to resolve the emotional ties to food, and to see food in a different light.  We have broken this process down to 3 broad steps.

    3 step process to learning how to intuitively eat

    • Learning what food is and what your body needs
      The first step is to learn the basics of carbs, proteins, and fats.  Then to apply this information to your nutrition and find a balance that works for you and your goals.  Also learn to love vegetables, as your body probably needs a whole lot of those!
      • Portion control, total calorie needs, and micro nutrient needs
      The American diet is super sized and full of empty, nutrient poor processed foods. The solution is to get your nutritional needs met with whole foods. When you eat whole foods and nutrient dense foods, you will find that you get full without feeling bloated.  And when you eat nutrient dense, whole foods you will begin to meet your micro nutrient needs and many of your food cravings will start to lessen or go away.
      • Taking the emotion out of it, and learning food is neither "good" or "bad"
        Society teaches us early to associate food with certain life events, holidays, and emotions. These signals stay with us and lead to habitual eating that may not be tied to true hunger or nutrient needs.  These signals and habits need to be identified and resolved. 
        Additionally, we are taught that some foods are "good" and some foods are "bad."  This is simply not true.  Some food has more nutritional value, but foods are not good or bad.  Try to view them more as "all the time foods" and "some of the time foods."  This will re-frame your perspective and take the guilt away. 
        For example, you should be able to enjoy a piece of Aunt May's delicious pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving without feeling guilty.  However, eating that same pumpkin pie for lunch everyday might not be the best choice!

          This looks like an short and easy list of steps, but it is a long process of trial and error, learning, and mindset changing.  All leading to healthy eating habits that eventually turn in to a healthy eating lifestyle.

          "Intuitive eating; the lifestyle that has helped me evolve, heal and respect my mind, body and food choices." - Lauren Baldwin, Propello Life Ambassador & Health Coach

          Looking for some help taking the first steps? 

          Check out these resources:

          Learning how to eat and what works best for you is a life long process.  Take it step by step with the goal to be a little better each day.  With this mindset of gradual improvement, you will be more likely to stick with it, make lasting changes, and experience huge long-term results.  

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          Live For It.


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