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8-Week Challenge Self Directed Program

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Are you ready to take control of your health and make positive changes in your body, mind, and health?

Transform your life and reach your goals with Propello Life's 8 Week Challenge Self Directed Program. Our program provides you the guidance and resources to make meaningful and lasting changes to your diet, exercise routine and sleep habits, helping you to lose fat, build muscle, increase energy, and ultimately feel your best. No more wasted time and money on fad diets and grueling workouts that leave you exhausted, sick, and hungry.

Our program addresses the root cause of many of today's health issues - inflammation, and helps you optimize your diet, exercise, and sleep in sustainable ways so you get lasting results. 

You'll be provided with the resources and guidance you need to see dramatic results in just 8 weeks, as well as exclusive access to program expert resources. It's time to take your life back and make your health dreams a reality - join us now and let's make it happen!

Plus, take advantage of our special offer and maximize your results today!

Day 1 starts now!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worthwhile Challenge

This is what I would call a minimalistic plan that may at first seem overly simplified, but that will yield results if followed carefully. And the minimalistic part is helpful because you are not constantly referring to overly specific directions that can bog you down. Even after a few days, you begin to see results. And, of course, the price is beyond reasonable.


Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are glad to hear that you found our 8-Week Challenge Self Directed Program to be worthwhile and effective. We believe in keeping things simple and easy to follow, so we are happy to hear that you found the minimalistic approach helpful. We hope to continue supporting you on your fitness journey. Thank you for choosing our program.


I never received any program whatsoever. Very disappointing

Hi Howard - I am very sorry to hear you did not receive the program. I will email you in a moment to resolve this issue.

Elizabeth Leininger
Look Leaner

My husband and I did the 8 week challenge in April and May. By the end of the 8 weeks, I had lost the weight that I wanted too and could see a difference in the mirror. I am also sleeping better and have noticed that my resting heart rate has decreased by about 5 beats/minute.

Five months later, I am still keeping the weight off and feel great. This was definitely the jump start I needed to make some lifestyle and fitness changes in order to reach my goals.

You both crushed this 8 week challenge!!! Thank you for sharing your experience, providing feedback, and so happy you both achieved your goals. Plus, it is great to hear that you have found some lifestyle changes you have added into your daily routine now.

Deborah Bellinder
Game Changer

This 8 week plan is so simple to follow and not overwhelming for beginners. I have more energy and my body feels better overall- especially my gut! I feel stronger physically and mentally. Definitely recommend for beginners or those wanting to reset their lifestyle.

So happy you loved the 8-week challenge. Love that you are feeling better in your gut health and that your energy has improved. Please let us know if we can help in any way.


First week in and my energy is much higher and my sleep deeper!! Focusing on protein and eliminating inflammatory foods had me and my husband lose weight the first week!! Look forward to the next 7 weeks and the rest of my life by applying this lifestyle!!

Yes!!! This is amazing. So glad you are sleeping better and your energy is increasing. The next couple weeks you should see even more fat loss, muscle gain, and energy improvement. Keep going!!!

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