Propello Life & Wittenberg University apparel fundraiser

Wittenberg University Apparel Fundraiser

Propello Life has partnered with Wittenberg University to raise funds for our Alma Mater. Both Duke & Jen are alumni (Class of '03 & '04), and came up with the idea to create some apparel items to sell to Alumni and their Legacies to raise money for the Wittenberg Fund. The campaign took off on social media and we were able to raise over $15,000!!!

Because of this success and an overwhelming demand for more apparel options, Propello Life has expanded their offering and will continue to raise money for the Wittenberg Fund. 20% of all proceeds of Wittenberg branded apparel and swag will be donated back to the University.

To date we have raised over $17,200 for the Wittenberg Fund - and we aren't done yet!

Further, Propello Life has partnered with another Wittenberg alumni owned company to manufacture the apparel and swag - so when you make a purchase you are supporting Wittenberg and two Wittenberg Alumni owned small businesses!

Thank you for your support.

Duke & Jen

Wittenberg University

If you know anything about Wittenberg, then you know that its constituents thrive on community and legacy.

On paper, Wittenberg University is a small, private liberal arts college nestled in unassuming Springfield, Ohio. Yet, those who have been fortunate to attend know there is so much more depth and breadth to the Wittenberg experience--secrets and magic that alumni carry with them forever.

Witt is home to a wide range of majors and curriculums, impressive athletics, and a tight-knit community like nowhere else. 

As alumni, Duke and Jen share cherished memories of their years at Wittenberg and are honored to help raise money for such a special place. Anyone who has run through the Hollow or walked over the Wittenberg Seal knows what we are talking about!

While we are all living through unprecedented times, we must rise up when and where it matters most, if and when we can.

"Having light, we pass it onto others."

This is our mantra at Wittenberg--to have light. This is our past, our present, and our chance to pass the light onto others by purchasing apparel to support our alma mater.


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