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Make Your Own Pizza

Pizza night - there are always those nights (maybe more often than we would like to admit!) where you are running around from activity to activity and you just feel like calling in a pizza on the way home.  But did you know that making your own pizza at home takes less time to make then waiting for pizza delivery, saves a lot of money, and is much healthier than a greasy Papa Johns pizza?!

There really isn't a recipe here, just a way to plan ahead and have all the ingredients you need on hand for those crazy nights.

You will need:

  • Pizza crust or dough
    • Our favorite is the frozen organic crust from Trader Joe's because it's already made, you don't need to defrost it, our kids eat it, and it only takes 6-8 minutes to cook. They used to have the best sprouted crust but they don't carry it anymore! There are all kinds of other crusts or dough you can buy - cauliflower crust, sweet potato crust, gluten-free crust, roll out your own dough, and many more! Or make your own if you are super talented!
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese
  • Toppings
    • You can literally do anything with your toppings, but we usually do one pepperoni pizza for the kids, and then for ours we load it up with artichokes, spinach, sweet and spicy jalapenos, grilled chicken, onion, and a few dollops of cream cheese. Then we always sprinkle Parmesan cheese all over both pizzas! We also do a buffalo chicken pizza where we use leftover chicken, toss in buffalo sauce, with onions and blue cheese - yum!!!

And that's it!  If you keep these ingredients on hand, it makes throwing a meal together a snap.  Add in a bag of Caesar salad and you've got it made! 

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