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Integrative Holistic Health is Preventative Healthcare

Written by: Jamie Coburn Van Horn, OTR/L

Everyone who owns a vehicle understands that there are certain rules of maintenance required to keep vehicles running at maximum efficiency.

The many different parts and systems require routine inspection to maintain the vehicle in alignment, and more importantly, to mitigate a complete breakdown.

Oil changes, tire rotation, fluid inspections are just a few of the ongoing tasks we schedule....but, WHY?

Because you recognize that breakdowns are costly, inconvenient and mostly avoidable. 

The same goes for your health and wellness.

You must practice preventative healthcare to be your healthiest

If we understand and practice routine maintenance for our vehicles, then why do we forego it with our own health?

Are you the person that waits until something is completely non-functional - Preventing you from doing the things you love?
Do you ignore proper diet until you are forced to deal with an uncontrollable symptom or disease? 
What about balance between the stressors of family, career, and finances which can leave little time for self-care or restorative relaxation? (learn more about how to balance work and life in this HBR article)

It all plays a part.

Similar to a vehicle, you can run for some time without addressing many of these preventative measures, but eventually your performance begins to waiver and then ultimately breaks down.

It is then, you are prevented from doing all that you love to do!

Your Health is a Holistic Balance of Mind, Body & Spirit

Achieving maximum health is possible through aligning 3 keys “parts”:

  • mind
  • body
  • spirit

Much like your vehicle, if one part is “out of alignment”, the other two cannot function properly. They are all connected and working in concert with each other.

It is possible when you suffer a physical injury, the mind is affected as well.

Physical exercise, for example, is well known to help elevate one’s mood, decrease anxiety, as well as accelerate brain function. Some of the latest research is revealing specially designed physical movements are more impacting than some cerebral activities directed at memory, attention and executive function.

Nutrition is also key to maintaining emotional & physical health.

Chronic stress can also impact your body resulting in less than optimal performance as well as increased vulnerability to health conditions and illnesses.

A person’s spirit is the third factor of optimal lifestyle management. Spirit, not necessarily just related to religion, but also improving one’s role within his/her's community is a key to an individual’s overall health management.

Taking your Health Into Your Own Hands

Some of you may be nodding your head saying, "this totally makes sense," and making a personal commitment to do a better job of staying on top of your health maintenance.

Some of you may be wide eyed and wondering why this is the first time you have heard of how your mind, body, and spirit holistically work in concert to either promote health or not. 

No matter which you are, we are here to help! 

Reach out by email, phone, or DM us on social media. It is our passion to educate and guide people to realize their full potential and achieve their best health.


About the Author:

Jamie Coburn Van Horn, OTR/L & Founder and President of Align Health


To learn more about Align Health and their Integrative Holistic Health Services, please read below. You will be amazed!

Align Health

The concept of Align Health was born out of the experiences Jamie faced working with people in healthcare for over 25 years. It was over this time that she realized her clients rarely came with a single physical problem.

Once she began to ask questions pertaining to Activities of Daily Living (nutrition, sleep, work, stress management – personal/professional & recreation) the impact to performance, wellness and injury recovery became quite evident.

Jamie believes it’s the culmination of mind body wellness that her patients achieve their goals of optimal lifestyle management.

The continuum of optimal lifestyle management is foundational among Align Health. At the core of each provider is a vision to assist the client along his/her journey of health & wellness. Not only to “fix” the presenting problem, but rather educate; thereby making lasting lifestyle changes.

Jamie leads the Align Health Group offers many options outside of traditional health & wellness centers. Bemer Therapy, Astym Therapy, Postural Analysis, Functional Movement Coaching and Therapeutic Listening are a few in supplement to Align Health’s Continuum of Services:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Women’s Health Physical Therapy
  • Orthopedic Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy
  • Holistic Occupational Therapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Parent Coaching
  • Culinary Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Financial Wellness Coaching

It’s all part of her vision for collaborative Mind Body Wellness, which she believes is a combination of art and science. 

 “It is rarely one isolated incident that leads a patient to me, it is a series of things that are out of balance in their life. I always ask them questions that are beyond the scope of what their injury or problem area is, because I know it’s a bigger picture that needs to be addressed if we want full restoration. We need to educate about prevention, how not to wait for an injury/condition to occur, but rather maintain measures in your life to avoid it altogether. “

This understanding of optimal lifestyle management is what magnetized us to the Propello Life brand. What began from a discovery on social media, resulted in an in-depth conversation between Founders – Jamie & Duke. 

Both quickly appreciated the others passion for their respective brands & vision for navigating holistic health. Propello Life is evolved and understands that health is a culmination of all spheres of life - mind, body and spirit. The intention in these practices is the alignment we see with the Propello Life brand.

We couldn’t be more excited to “Align” with them.

In order to maintain functional fitness forward life and achieve optimal “Alignment”, what steps will you take to treat your body with the care and respect it deserves and craves? 

Integrative Holistic Health is our passion. As our name implies, Align Health is a collaborative group of mind body wellness professionals "giving support to" (align) our clients' efforts of achieving a "state of physical, mental and social well-being" (health). 

Come AlignWIthUs!

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