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Propello Life Blog The Beauty Boost help women feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful

Meet "The Beauty Boost" - a local group to help women feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful

If Covid-19 has taught me anything being a small business owner, it is that we are all in this storm together. And we need to help lift each other up in every way we can.
Early in Propello Life's business we were introduced to Rachel and The Beauty Boost. She welcomed us with open arms even though I was usually the token dude at all of her events - haha!!! Rachel, and her company have introduced us to so many amazing people, and these new friends have been a huge part of our growth and success over the past 4 years.  
We can't thank her enough, but we can share her story and her company with you. Please take a moment to read her story (how she got started is very similar to our story), and click through to check out her empowering company.
Thanks - Duke

The Beauty Boost

Hey guys!


Rachel here. I started my company, The Beauty Boost, about 5 years ago in Columbus, Ohio.

The Beauty Boost is a space for women to feel empowered, healthy and beautiful.

We do this through various events such as:

  • weekend retreat getaways
  • empowerment workshops
  • fitness meetups
  • and socials

We also have an optional membership!

Like any business, there have been ups and downs but overall it's been a blast and I LOVE what I do. 

I got my start because I was feeling pretty restless in my job and in life. Nothing was wrong but nothing was really "right."

I felt guilty for not feeling fulfilled, but the honest truth was I just wasn't fulfilled!

So I started working with a life coach when I didn't even fully understand what a life coach was - haha!!! During this time, I also signed up for my yoga certification and enrolled in Marie Forleo's 6 week B School.

From there, I launched The Beauty Boost web site, and it's been an evolving work in progress ever since!

I've met so many amazing women over the years and feel very blessed to do what I do. Thank you!

2020 was rocking and rolling and then, as we all know, Covid-19 struck. It's been quite a challenge since most of my income is based on these in-person events.

But, this hasn't stopped me or The Beauty Boost! I've used everything we teach women...thinking outside the box, pivoting, rolling with the punches etc.. and we've adapted the best we can until this season of life passes.

Actually, a ton of good has come from this experience.

We've been able to launch our virtual membership, slow down and really take time to think about how we want to setup the remainder of the year. 

And, as of this June, we've begun to sprinkle back in events on a tiny scale which has been great!

So if you're someone looking to meet other amazing women, feeling stuck in a certain area of life, or just wanting more motivation when it comes to physical + mental health, we'd love to have ya join us!

Reach out and Connect with other Women

The best way to get started is to sign up for our emails at

We send a fun Monday email to brighten your week and it includes all the events + happenings. From there, take your pick!

I'd highly suggest trying out the monthly virtual membership as it's a ton of bang for your buck!!!

If you have questions, just reach out! My email is


XO Rachel - The Beauty Boost

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