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Sample Packet - Whey Protein

Propello Life

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These sample packets are perfect for trying Whey Protein before you buy the full tub, to take your protein routine on the road when you travel, and for convenient on-the-go use.


Our New Zealand, grass-fed whey protein will have you thinking you are drinking a milkshake. Its hormone free, antibiotic free, gmo free, and free of artificial ingredients formula was made to give you 20 grams of delicious whey protein that is easy on your stomach and great for after a workout or as a protein boost for your favorite smoothie.

Propello Life's Whey Protein uses the world's highest quality certified grass fed whey protein from New Zealand! It is a dairy based protein and has a smooth, creamy mouth feel.

Ours formula rises above the rest because we use the best grass fed whey protein sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows, use a cold processing method that doesn't over-heat the whey protein and damage the protein molecules, and we don't add any fillers to water down the protein content and potentially lead to stomach issues.

It can be mixed with water (or milk of choice) for a great post workout shake, blended with raw fruits and vegetables to make a tasty smoothie, or used in your favorite recipes to add a bit more protein (i.e. pancakes, waffles, muffins, etc...).

So get creative and add a bit more protein to your diet!



  • Vanilla Bean
  • West Indies Cocoa


    • 1 sample packet
  • Recovery - kick starts the recovery process by providing muscles the protein required to recover faster
  • Essential Amino Acids - provides muscles the 9 essential amino acids
  • Leaner Body - diets higher in protein support a lean body
  • Helps increase your daily protein consumption
  • Mix in 6-8 ounces of water or to your taste and thickness preference
  • Use within 30 minutes of the end of your workout (this will jump start the recovery process)
  • Blend with whole fruits and vegetables as a breakfast smoothie or mid-day snack
Why we are the best
  • Grass fed, Hormone Free, Antibiotic free
  • Minimally processed - cold processed (undenatured) is the least processed form of whey protein
  • Non-GMO
  • Natural - free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Safe, tested ingredients you can trust
  • 20-21 grams of Grass Fed & Grass Finished Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
    • Hormone Free: rBGH/rBST free
    • Antibiotic free
  • Cold processed (undenatured) – this is the least processing method available – overheating and over processing strips the nutritional value of protein
  • Yummy goodness

Do you want a plant based Vegan Protein? Try a sample of our Vegan Protein.

Propello Life buttermilk protein waffles healthy recipe

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 96 reviews
      The best!

      I love this vanilla protein and so does my whole family! It’s easy to digest, blends wonderfully and tastes amazing! The only protein I will buy now.

      We are thrilled to hear that you and your family are enjoying our grass-fed, hormone-free whey protein in the delicious vanilla flavor. We take pride in using high-quality ingredients that are easy to digest and blend seamlessly. Thank you for choosing our product as your go-to protein and for your continued support.

      Best regards,
      [Your Name]
      Customer Service Team

      Grace Raber
      great product

      I love supporting local businesses, and this is one of the best ,the whey protein is the best out there ,no aftertaste ,great flavor !!!!!!


      Taste is great, easy to drink.

      Jason Musgrove
      Great product

      Great product , easy to use , mixes well. Taste great. Quick shipping.

      Thank you for the 5 star review of our grass fed whey protein powder and fast shipping. Hope you try a few of our other premium natural supplements.

      Christy Perdue
      High Protein, Great Flavor!

      I tried the vanilla bean protein sample and decided to order the full-size product. It has more protein and a better flavor than anything I have tried so far. I’m working with a dietician and she recommended a high protein diet (specifically to eat high protein early in the day) so I’ll be having protein shakes in the morning. I highly recommend this product if you need more protein in your life and you want something that tastes good as well.

      So happy you love the flavor of our grass fed whey protein powder. We also recommend you combine this with our Collagen+ protein powder for the added benefits of collagen protein.

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