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Propello Life blog are protein supplements healthy?

Are Protein Supplements Healthy?

Protein powders have long been a popular supplement within the bodybuilding industry. However, over the past 20 years, companies have been marketing protein powders for general health and wellness. This has broadened their appeal and now protein powders are widely used by all fitness lovers.

Because of this, many people wonder, “Are protein supplements healthy and right for me?”

Are Protein Supplements Healthy?

The health benefits of adding protein supplements to your diet when exercising are well studied and accepted. If you are an athlete, a bodybuilder, or just a fitness enthusiast, you should consider supplementing your diet with a protein powder. But there are hundreds of choices available - from the price to the ingredients used (plant, whey, egg, etc...).

Choosing the right protein supplement can be hard. We recommend you start by focusing on the composition of the specific powder or supplement you are considering, how it is made, what certifications it has, is the company trustworthy, and is it a highly recommended item. (read below to learn more)

But all-in-all, adding protein powder to your diet is helpful. Protein is an essential macronutrient that aids in muscle development, tissue repair, and the production of enzymes and hormones. Protein powder comes in a variety of forms, including dairy-based and plant-based powders.

The health benefits of protein supplements include;

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle growth
  • Improved recovery time after exercise

Protein powders are typically made from;

  • Whey  
  • Casein 
  • Soy protein 
  • Pea protein 
  • Hemp

In many cases, protein powders contain high levels of sugar, calories, or in rare cases, even toxic chemicals. When used regularly, there may be the risk you are undermining your health by unintentionally increasing your sugar consumption and adding harmful chemicals to your body. Unfortunately, due to the nonregulation of the market and lack of long-term studies, there is no way of ascertaining manufacturers' claims of health benefits or even if the powders contain what the labels say they do. So you have to be careful and diligent when choosing your protein supplement.

How To Choose a Healthy Protein Supplement

Researching the ingredients typically used to make many commercial protein powders and supplements can allow you to determine exactly how good they are, as is choosing a reputable company such as Propello Life. The mission behind the healthy products at Propello Life is "To inspire, educate, and fuel active lives."

Choosing an ethical company that is passionate about health and developing products using the best manufacturing processes will allow you to fully investigate exactly what products are being used to make the protein supplement and learn more about the science behind the composition and sustainable products used.

The Clean Label Project has identified various toxic chemicals used by some companies and has identified the best protein supplements. Read the ingredients label to identify all of the ingredients you recognize and compare the daily levels each person is suggested to consume per day to help you make a more informed choice on healthy whey protein supplements before you purchase them. Ideally, your healthy protein supplement will have few ingredients. It will be created using only the best methods to ensure the purity of the product. For instance, at Propello Life their Whey Protein is cold-processed using the best grass-fed whey protein to preserve the nutritional purity of the protein powder without hidden or artificial ingredients or additives.

Should You Add Protein Supplements to Your Diet?

For those looking to give their body a boost when working out, there is no harm in adding healthy protein to your diet. While this is best done by adding protein-rich foods to your diet, such as chicken breast, eggs, fish, and dairy, choosing healthy protein supplements that have been created using ethical and sustainable practices can be beneficial to your health and convenient. So when you need a little extra protein in your diet, or when life gets in the way reach for a natural protein supplement and please choose Propello Life!

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