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5 Ways to Get Healthy When You Have No Time

5 Ways to Get Healthy When You Have No Time

Have you ever told yourself, "I want to be healthier, but....I have no time, I am too busy" or any other excuse?  We live in a crazy busy world.  Our lives fly by as we get pulled in a million directions with our jobs, family, and everything else we pile on our to-do list.  It is easy for weeks, months, and even years to go by and we are still dreaming about getting healthier.  When it comes down to it, there are a few tricks you can learn to make getting healthy easier and to fit into your busy life.  Below we will quickly tell you 5 ways to get healthy when you have no time, and even give you a few examples of each.  Good luck!  You got this!!!

Make Your Meals Veggie Based

Skip the pasta and go for zoodles, trade rice for riced cauliflower, add salads to your lunch or dinner, make large pans of roasted veggies to snack on or add flavor to meals.  When you look at each day, the thing you need to eat most of it veggies. Aim for 50% of each meal to be vegetables!  I know you don’t have time, but you don’t need to grow them in your garden.  You just need to eat them! You can throw your leftovers on a bed of greens. You can buy them chopped and cut up. You can buy them already roasted and ready to eat.  You can order them from a healthy restaurant or local grocery store.  JUST EAT THEM! :)

Wake Up Before Anyone In Your House 

This may seem like it doesn’t have anything to do with weight loss - but I promise it does!  By starting your day on your terms, you can have a clear mind to figure out what you need to do for you, and of course then for everyone else.  You can use this time to get organized, even if that means organizing your thoughts for the day. You can have your coffee in peace before you are responsible for any of life’s duties.  You can meditate, do yoga or just simply take a deep breath.  By starting the day on your terms, you will feel more in control of your choices all day!  As you learn to love this habit, you may find yourself at a workout class or cooking some veggies in the am!


Studies continue to show that the more clutter you have, the more distracted, anxious and stressed you can be.  All of those feelings get in the way of weight loss.  If you are ready to lose weight - start with slimming down your stuff.  Get rid of all visual clutter on your kitchen counters, dressers and the main areas of your house.  Then move onto the smaller areas.  When you walk into the kitchen after a busy day, you don’t want to see things everywhere or your stress hormone levels will increase, your willpower will go down and you will be more likely to grab the cookies!  Shed your things and watch yourself shed the weight!

Ditch the all or nothing mentality

This is stopping you in your tracks.  You may say to yourself… “I don’t have an hour, so I can’t workout”.  This mentality is ruining any chance of getting any workout in.  Start thinking that anything is better than nothing.  Twenty minutes is better than zero when it comes to working out.  One healthy meal is better than none.  Every positive choice you make counts.  It all adds up.  Where is your mentality on this?

Hang out with people who want to be healthy

This does not take up extra time and has a HUGE impact on your choices.  If you surround yourself with people that are focused on the same thing...getting more will help each other.  Think about your group of friends, are these people on board with what you want?  Are they making things easier for you?  Who are you eating lunch with at work?  Are they tempting you to have another cookie or offering to go for a walk with you?  By becoming aware of the influence your friends have on your health, you can make adjustments that have huge benefits when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy!

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By Ali Hively – Certified Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach

Ali Hively is a lifestyle nutrition consultant who helps busy women make healthy living easier through positive mindset, developing habits, setting up their environment for success.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and Precision Nutrition coach.  She owns her own lifestyle nutrition company, Kijia, and runs the fitness department of The Wembley Club.  She has found through her experience that if you figure out what works for you and your life, and honor it, you will succeed!  Ali lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with her husband and their three little girls.

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