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Sample Packet - Rejuvenating Aminos

Propello Life

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These sample packets are perfect for trying Rejuvenating Aminos before you buy the full tub, to take your recovery routine on the road when you travel, and for convenient on-the-go use.


We have all heard it before - drink more water to be healthier. But that is easier said than done. Our Rejuvenating Aminos are a delicious way to drink more water each day, and get all the added benefits of amino acids!

Propello Life's Rejuvenating Aminos are formulated with the best vegan amino acids and electrolytes to help you stay hydrated and to improve recovery.

They can be used before & during your workout to give you energy and protect your muscles. They can also be used after your workout & throughout the day to improve recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and give you a nice afternoon boost of energy. Basically, you can sip on our aminos all day.

Cheers to enjoying your water more by adding a scoop!!!



  • Cherries + Vanilla
  • Pineapple Mint + Tea (30mg of caffeine per serving from Black Tea)
  • Lemon Lime + Mint


  • 1 sample packet
    • Supports a leaner body
    • Reduces muscle soreness
    • Protects against muscle wasting during exercise
    • Assists with a faster recovery
    • Keeps you hydrated
    • Use one scoop during your exercise with 8-10 ounces of water or to your taste preference (we personally love it with 15-18 ounces of water per scoop!)
    • Use throughout your day as wanted instead of high calorie drinks or water
    • Great for any activity: walks, tennis, golf, hiking, biking, gym, game...really anything!!!
    Why we are the best
    • Vegan BCAAs - most branch chains amino acids are sourced from human hair, hog hair, or bird feathers; ours come from vegetables!
    • Non-GMO
    • Free of artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
    • Sweetened with Stevia
    • It just tastes better…
    • 5 grams of Vegan BCAAs
    • 2.5 grams of Glutamine
    • Source of Electrolytes
    • 1 gram of Citrulline Malate
    • Deliciousness

    Looking for a delicious, premium plant based protein powder? Try a sample of our Vegan Protein.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 123 reviews
          Amazing Taste (Pineapple Mint + Tea)

          I ordered the amino acids because I had read a review article somewhere saying the taste was great. However, I didn't know which flavor so I went with the one that sounded the best for me. I wanted something with clean ingredients that didn't taste synthetic. This stuff tastes so good. I don't know how they get it to taste that great with so little ingredients. I'm going to use this as a beverage during my workouts.

          Thank you Adam for sharing your experience with our vegan amino acids product. We are so glad you enjoy the taste - it isn't easy to make natural aminos takes delicious.

          Roxanne Richardson
          My go to after a run or during weight training

          I absolutely love this product! Taste is amazing. I use this after a run or during my weight training. Taste is light and refreshing.

          Love it! We sometimes also make a mocktail with the Aminos - soda water, aminos, ice, and fresh lemon and lime! (but be careful - the aminos can cause the soda water to foam up quickly so stir softly!)

          Nancy K
          Delicious and effective

          This mix has done wonders to stop my joint pain, help me to be hydrated and enjoy working out.

          josh hershey
          Hydrating and refreshing!

          I really enjoy these aminos and how natural they taste! The mix very well and make staying hydrating easier, they’re tastey!

          Tristam Griffith
          Miracle for joints and arthritis

          I bought this at my gym for sore legs after personal training sessions. What a game changer. Yes, it helped the soreness in my legs, but it also seemed to flush out all my joints. I started drinking 2 a day and reduced my arthritis joint pain by 75%. Yes, this is a workout supplement, but it should be a prescribed medical treatment for arthritis. I have literally told my rheumatologist about it. I'm not normally a review writer, but this is some miracle level stuff. If you have joint pain, start on 2 a days now! Go a week and see how much better you feel. Lemon lime and Pineapple tea are amazing!

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