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Propello Life blog why investing in your health is always worth it

Why Investing in your health is always worth it

by Catarina Orr

Your health is an INVESTMENT; not an EXPENSE.

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out…what’s the most expensive clothing you own?

  • For men: honestly idk...maybe a nice tux?
  • For married women: most likely their thousand+ dollar wedding dress or that designer purse!
Let's look at the wedding dress example. You will wear that dress for one night, and say that wedding dress was $1,300 which is the average cost of a wedding dress in 2021.

So $1,300 for one night, hundreds of photos, and memories to last a lifetime. And it is totally worth it - right?! You would probably do it again if you had a second chance. And it is because of the memories and the importance of that moment. There really isn't a price you can put on the dress you are wearing on one of the biggest days of your life. 

So why do people nickel and dime their health? Why do they view the money they are spending to promote their health as an expense? I just don't get it!

I hear it all the time. That gym is so expensive. I can't afford a gym membership in my budget.

But what if you looked at the cost of a gym membership, or any purchase you make to promote your health (i.e. home equipment, personal trainer, nutritionist, etc...) as an investment. What if you looked at it as an investment to make your future better and healthier - allowing you to live every day to its fullest. 

This would reframe your thinking in terms of "what is the ROI (return on investment)" on the costs associated with promoting your health.


Propello Life Health ROI blog


Here are some possible investments you can could to make for your health:

  • A gym membership = $50-150/month
  • At home equipment = $100-1,000's (depends on what you get)
  • Hiring a coach or trainer = $50-75/hr
  • Nutritionist/Nutrition Plan = either $50-100/hr or monthly plans for $200-500

These are just a few ways to invest money towards your health. Lebron James spends around $1,000,000 per year on making sure he is healthy and fit. Obviously, there is a huge ROI for him to be able to extend his career in the NBA as long as possible! 

But for us "normal" people, the return on investment can look like:

  • improved body composition (more muscle; less fat)
  • improved energy
  • improved mood
  • daily poops (no constipation)
  • improved blood glucose 
  • improved stress response
  • improved metabolism
  • improved confidence
  • improved hormones
  • improved libido
  • improved blood pressure
  • improved bone density
  • improved sleep
  • improved ability to regulate emotions
  • reduced inflammation
  • reduced chances for cancer
  • reduced reliance on medications
  • reduced costs on health insurance by being healthy!

Your health is one of the most important assets you have. You wear and use your body everyday. Yet so many of us abuse and mistreat our bodies through poor diet, poor sleep, sedentary lifestyle, etc...But it doesn't have to be this way. You can enjoy life AND be healthy through balanced living. 

Your health depends on the decisions you make and the investments you make towards your health. One tiny decision at a time, you will get a return on your investment.

So, if investing in a gym membership or hiring that coach or trainer is something you just “can’t afford right now,” I challenge you to take a step back and reframe your thinking. What would you need to cut from your current spending habits to be able to afford that gym membership or trainer (i.e. one less evening at the bar, one less night out for dinner at that fancy restaurant).

Because, IMO --- you can’t afford not to invest in your health if you aren’t taking any steps to improve your health right now. Because each day you wait it becomes harder to make that change.

Additionally, there is a whole lot more to health than physical characteristics...and mostly, your external physique will not show “results” until your internal health is banging.

The problem that most people have is to rely on their external physique to show progress while neglecting their internal health - because damn near no one is showing off their optimal blood work or daily bowel movements on IG. LOL!!!

Ultimately, your best investment is in you. You invested in college or degrees in hopes of landing your dream job. Think of it the same way for your health, as you would for landing your dream job. Every dollar you spend on your health is being spent to help you land that dream life and dream body you have always wanted.

Want to take the first step to improving your health?

  1. Connect with the the author - Catarina (see below bio)
  2. Check out this step by step guide to getting healthy.
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About the Author:

Catarina Orr - CEO/Head Coach of Catty Lee Fitness

Follow Catarina on Instagram at @catty_lee for more about training, and functional nutrition to guide you on your health and fitness journey. I’m on a mission to teach women to be fit and fueled without sacrificing their health, hormones or happiness. Join my FREE Facebook community group ‘Fit and Fueled’ to have access to educational content and live videos to help you on your journey.

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