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We all need a vacation every so often! A break from work, our routine, our stress and reality is just what you need to recharge your battery.  But then you come back to real life, tons of laundry, stacks of work, and the feeling like you need to get into serious catch up mode - in all areas of your life!

I know for me, I always go into vacations saying I am going to workout, eat healthy at every opportunity, and maintain all the progress I have been making in the gym and kitchen.  And then about a day into vacation, the wheels fall of the healthy wagon!

You may have indulged in more drinks and treats than usual.
You may have chosen sleep over a workout.
You may have stayed up later than usual hanging out with friends or family.

I just got back from an awesome week with family at the lake and let me tell you - it included all of the things above.

I relaxed.
I disconnected.
I completely indulged in drinks and snacks and treats.

In the past, this first week back from vacation has been really hard for me. I used to punish myself for overdoing it on the treats or not working out enough. I used to feel guilty for relaxing and not getting things done all week.

But I now realize, you have a choice:

  • You can decide to undo all of the relaxing you did, by beating yourself up about what you “should or could” have done.


  • You can choose the much better path and spend a minute each day being SO grateful for that break, those cookies, and that extra time you had with people you love.

Vacations happen!  We indulge, and it is okay.  Once you realize this, the past vacation week can be a catalyst for getting you to that next level! It can be a burst of energy inserted into your life at a time you may need it most! It can be a gift of clarity that you get after you step away for some time! And with that gratitude of your break in mind, you can push forward toward where you want to go!

With the energy from your break:

You can identify how you want to feel.

You can use that power and energy to take a step in the direction you need to go to get you there.

So I challenge you to stop punishing yourself after a vacation and use it to recharge your battery and continue with new energy towards your goals.

Embrace your vacation and everything it gave you!

Move forward!


By Ali Hively – Certified Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach

Ali Hively is a lifestyle nutrition consultant who helps busy women make healthy living easier through positive mindset, developing habits, setting up their environment for success.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and Precision Nutrition coach.  She owns her own lifestyle nutrition company, Kijia, and runs the fitness department of The Wembley Club.  She has found through her experience that if you figure out what works for you and your life, and honor it, you will succeed!  Ali lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with her husband and their three little girls.

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