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"A Porsche doesn’t run on Fast Food."

As a former professional athlete, I have tried just about everything in the supplement and health industry that claimed to give an edge on performance or recovery. Overall, I am known to strongly ‘understate’ that as a whole, the supplement industry is one of the largest oil-slick marketing schemes known to mankind. It's a slippery slope, and I can tell you from personal experience that if you truly care about yourself, just about everything out there that claims to deliver any type of hyped ‘result’ will require a lot of research on your part.             

With this being said, WHY did I team up with Propello Life? For one, a large aspect that I love about this product is that the ‘honest’ research has already been covered and if you check, it adds up. By honest, I do mean the truth. The proof is in da puddin’ folks.  It is an undeniable fact that it 100% absolutely matters what you are putting in your body. After all, this explains why I coined the phrase, ‘A Porsche doesn’t run on fast food.’ When I think of modern supplements compared to Propello Life its like comparing bottom of the barrel, disease inducing fast food to organic, non-gmo farm to table meals. Get the picture?

As a health and wellness consultant, best-selling author and devoted father, what excites me most about Propello Life is the energy and passion coming straight from the top. I’m referring to a personal vendetta on a ‘soul’ level that goes into a locally based artisan product. Additionally, I can relate 100% to being faced with the challenges of teaching my very own children how to be healthy in a world that makes this goal extremely difficult. As the founder of Mind-Body-Life, I think it is inspiring to have a local, Columbus, Ohio based product that instills similar broad “concepts” of health, which I find to be the penultimate of vibrancy, which are:

---Movement, Nourishment, Passion, Rejuvenation, Love, Mind, & Spirit.       

Lastly, I want to stress that there is no ONE definitive answer or solution to health and wellness. There is no quick fix or instant gratification ‘pill’. I coach CEO’s, athletes and men in similar fashion involving similar ideas in that your health is a journey of discovery and the key being improvement around these concepts, which goes above and beyond merely exercise. In similar leadership fashion, this company is founded on the purpose, principles and passion to make a difference in the world of health. Namely, manageable holistic solutions that are easy to implement into your life – one step at a time. 


About the Author:

Frederick Entenmann

Bestselling Author & Consultant



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